Restoration and Bespoke Furniture Maker


I specialise in making that special piece that you can’t find anywhere else -from something completely bespoke; where classical design, contemporary or ultra-modern, I have the ability to work with you to realise your dreams.

Trained as a cabinet maker and furniture restorer in classical furniture, I attended the London College of Furniture in 1978 from the age of 16. The final years of the course were dedicated to making simulation pieces – exact copies of an example of furniture which we were required to research and make. In fact, it was a fine-line that separates that simulation from the fake – the latter of course is intended to deceive! In addition to plenty of experience working for an interior design company upon leaving, my LCF training gave me the ability to make furniture in, not just the classics but contemporary pieces too.

I can now make virtually anything in a wide range of timber and materials. I specialise in bespoke furniture, which is normally the result of consultation with the client. Indeed, this initial meeting can take several sessions with plenty of interaction with the client until, very often, the final design is joint – you get what you want with added flair from my design skills.

I particularly I love working in solid timber but I’m equally at home making furniture in veneered board material – whether that’s ready engineered sheet products or specially veneered in my own workshop. I have created pieces with custom-made metal fittings, to that end, I can use a variety of resources not just timber – I can weld, grind and polish too – so if you fancy a piece of furniture made from sheet steel, hand beaten aluminium, plastic or with glass inserts, I’m up for the challenge if you are!

I’m equally at home restoring both antique and contemporary furniture and I’ve turned plenty a wreck into a, once-again, beautiful piece. I have a wide range of polishing skills form traditional hand finishes to more modern sprayed lacquer – I can even combine the two using complex decorative finishes to make something both attractive and unique.

If you have a project whether large or small, I would be delighted to discuss it with you. You can email me or phone me (No. below); I’m happy to talk and advise.